Curious about the ways in which we can collaborate? Here are some examples of the types of projects I’d be happy to take on. TL;DR: pretty much anything with words, I’m your person.

A versatile type of writing, blogs and articles can deepen the conversation, demonstrate industry knowledge, and share your brand's personality. I can create refreshing pieces for LinkedIn Articles, Medium, print and web publications, and more. Have SEO-specific requirements? Get in touch.

Whether your goal is to encourage re-engagement with your app via push notifications or draw attention to a new feature through in-app messaging, I will work with you to understand your direct messaging goals and provide copy that converts.

High-quality, sustainable products must cut through the noise in a world where low-quality fast consumption reigns supreme. I’ll help your products put their best foot forward, without the marketing gimmicks.

Your audience gave you permission to get in touch. Now's your chance! I’ll write compelling newsletters that keep your subscribers engaged from week to week. Looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your email communications? I can include copy that encourages readers to delete messages after reading them and unsubscribe if they are no longer interested.

“What's in a name?” Shakespeare said it best. We will work closely to produce content under your name or brand that sounds just like you, without attribution to me. It will be like I was never there…

You know what you do is amazing. I’ll help you convince a panel of judges why you’re right. My work has helped clients win and receive recognition for various awards.

Whether digital or on paper, letters can be a highly effective way to build trust with your community, especially where business-critical matters are concerned. From thanking donors in the non-profit sector to alerting customers of an opportunity to invest in your business, I can compose letters that make each individual reader feel personally addressed and inspire action.

Nothing quite like a typo stopping you from securing a round of investment. Or worse, a dull presentation that fails to capture your audience’s attention. I will review your presentation materials for clarity, brevity, and the spelling mistake you most definitely missed in your caffeine-fueled 2 AM review.

Making sure your thoughts sound as good out loud as they do on paper (or in your head) is not something to be overlooked. People speak differently than they write, and listen differently than they read. I’ll help you deliver your best show yet.

In an environment where attention spans last seconds, you have to make your point well and fast. In addition to crafting profile descriptions and about sections that are on point, I can provide post captions adapted to each platform that are too good to scroll right past. I also work with individuals to create personal branding content for LinkedIn (or your platform of choice).

Four words: Don’t. Use. The. Template. Every message exchanged with a customer, even the boring ones, is an opportunity for your brand identity to shine. I’ll craft on-brand messaging for password resets to order confirmation emails, and every customer touchpoint between.

While the way your website looks and responds is crucial to keeping visitors on your site, so is the copy that populates it. Whether you are building a new site from scratch or optimising an existing one, I will work with you to understand your brand tone of voice and ideal customer journey to develop crystal clear copy that supports your marketing goals. 

First draft all set and looking for a second pair of eyes? I will inspect your text line by line for spelling and grammar mistakes and if you wish, offer up suggestions to strengthen it on the whole.

Ready to take your communications to the next level but not sure where to start? I offer one-off or regular communications consulting calls to help you determine the best path forward leveraging a personalised combination of the services above, executed by yours truly or your in-house team.

Have another project in mind that isn’t listed here?


As a freelancer, I offer the following range of pricing options to suit a variety of budgets:   

Day Rate
Monthly Rate
Fixed Price

While I appreciate you may be looking for a specific price, this is highly dependent on the unique requirements of each project.

What clients are saying

"I have hired Jordan for several copywriting and editing projects. The most recent is the writing and editing for SmarterX's new website. We come back to Jordan time and again because of the:

  • The alignment of Jordan's professional experience and passion for sustainability and our company's mission to lower the environmental impact of business.
  • Because she always delivers a great end result for us.

Five things always strike me about Jordan's work:

  • The quality of the writing is world-class
  • Word perfect and grammar perfect execution
  • The excellent collaborative approach
  • The questions Jordan asks, to find new, better ways to explain ideas
  • The transparency and great communication throughout the working process"

Patrick Armitage
CMO, SmarterX